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Rooted Group LLC stands at the confluence of traditional HR practices and cutting-edge technology, dedicated to empowering talent acquisition teams & business owners, and scaling organizations’ growth. With a firm grounding in strategic HR/Branding consulting and a forward-thinking approach in embracing technological enhancements, we optimize your recruitment systems and magnify your business branding. Our expertise expands from building symbiotic vendor relations to navigating the full life cycle of recruiting, ensuring your team not only evolves with the trends but pioneers new pathways in the industry. We don’t just implement solutions; we build futures, ensuring your HR processes & business branding are not only efficient but are also a beacon of organizational excellence.

Our Story

At the heart of Rooted Group LLC lies a steadfast commitment to empowering businesses through innovation, integration, and insightful solutions. We deeply value the confluence of technology and human capability, seeing it not just as a trend, but as the future of talent acquisition & business branding. Our values are anchored in enabling and elevating talent acquisition teams and businesses through strategic technological enhancements, ensuring not only their progression but also solidifying their pivotal role within their organizations. Moreover, we cherish building authentic, fruitful relationships with vendors and leveraging innovative processes that not only enhance our clients’ operational efficiency but also uplift their organizational standing. Guided by a vision to be a global catalyst that redefines talent acquisition & business branding, we’re dedicated to facilitating a future where technology and human potential harmoniously unite, setting unparalleled benchmarks for organizational excellence across the world.

What We Value

How It
All Started

With over a decade of experience in HR Systems, Talent Acquisition (TA) Recruiting, and Branding, Angela has crafted a career defined by innovation and strategy. Having played an influential role in several multimillion-dollar, globally recognized brands, Angela managed digital talent acquisition strategies and substantial branding and sourcing budgets. Her efforts have consistently been cost-effective, KPI-aligned, and scalable—key elements that have propelled companies' growth and attracted top-tier talent.

In recent years, Angela's journey took a transformative turn towards social media, after being laid off from her job the same day she returned from bereavement leave - Angela decided to "post" her journey where she launched her TikTok channel, "The Wife Life". Here, Angela has become an example of encouragement and guidance, especially for women and mothers laid off from what may be their only sources of income. Through her content, Angela helps her audience navigate the challenges of layoffs, guiding them toward starting their own businesses, building personal brands, or finding better employment opportunities.

Roots - A Simple Job Board is a natural extension of Angela's commitment to fostering growth and resilience within the community. This platform is not just a job board; it's a launchpad for new beginnings, offering vital resources and support for those ready to take their next professional steps. As Angela continues to expand her influence, she is dedicated to exploring community collaborations and partnerships that can bring more value to her audience, weaving together a network of opportunities and empowerment.

Join Angela and the Roots community as we redefine what it means to support, engage, and uplift each other in our careers and beyond.


Welcome to Roots - A Simple Job Board. Here, we empower those impacted by layoffs to find their footing with direct access to curated job opportunities and personalized support. Join our community and take your next step towards a fulfilling career, whether it's starting your own business, building a brand, or securing your ideal job.

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