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Human Resources Services

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

At Rooted Group LLC, we transform your HR functions into strategic assets. With over 15 years of expert knowledge, we formulate bespoke strategies to enhance your team’s productivity and align your human resources with organizational goals.

Human Resources Consulting


Envisioning the future of HR, we seamlessly weave technology into your talent acquisition strategies. From AI to machine learning, our tech-enhancements simplify processes, ensuring your HR teams work smarter, not harder, in the digital era.

Technological Enhancements


We craft compelling employment brands that resonate. Attract top-tier talent effortlessly with our strategic people sourcing and innovative branding solutions, ensuring your company is not just seen but sought after in the talent market.

Employment Branding & People Sourcing


Experience recruitment like never before with our systems integration services. We fortify your hiring processes by implementing and fine-tuning technology solutions, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and future-proof recruitment pipeline.

Recruiting Systems Integrations


Building bridges with pivotal tech vendors, we ensure your HR technology is always a step ahead. Our robust vendor relations strategies focus on creating symbiotic partnerships that foster mutual growth and enhance your technological prowess.

Vendor Relations


We're your allies through every phase of recruiting. From candidate sourcing to onboarding, our end-to-end, full life cycle recruiting strategies are designed to ensure every hire is a perfect fit for your organizational puzzle.

Full Life Cycle Recruiting


What We Do

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